Snow Emergency Parking Regulations


In the event of a snow emergency, no person shall park, abandon or leave unattended any vehicle on any designated snow emergency route, City-owned off-street parking area or alley unless the snow has been removed and the snow has ceased to fall. No person that has a driveway or parking area available to them on private property shall park, abandon, or leave unattended any vehicle on any City street during a snow emergency. Those persons without access to private off-street parking shall see that their vehicle is removed from east-west streets and Circle streets on even days of the month and from north-south streets on odd days of the month, except that parking shall be allowed after cleaning operations have been completed and the snow has ceased to fall. 

Once a Snow Emergency has been declared, these regulations go into effect. Typically, Snow Emergencies are declared anytime there is a strong likelihood of receiving anything over 2 or 3 inches of snow and/or ice. When a Snow Emergency is declared, it will be announced on local radio, or our web site Any vehicles left parked in violation of these regulations are subject to being ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. 

Cooperation with the Snow Emergency regulations will greatly assist the City in their snow removal efforts. This is not only beneficial for general traffic circulation, but is absolutely critical for emergency response vehicles to be able to travel to the areas that they may be needed. 

If you have any questions, regarding how these regulations specifically affect you, please call Red Oak City Hall at 623-6510.