Burial Fees

Charges are as follows:
  • Full Burial: $600
  • Cremations: $300
  • Infant Burials: $300
Charges for disinterment are the same as for internment. If a vault is disinterred and reburied, the cost is $1,200, which would be $600 for opening each lot.

Lot Sales
Lot sales are $400 per space. BabyLand is free, but there is a $300 charge for grave opening.

No matter where the burial is in the cemetery, if it is a county funded burial, there will be no grave opening charge.

Additional Charges
There is an additional $5 administrative charge for each lot (not space) payable to the City included in the payment for the purchase of cemetery lots. This $5 is the money that the City collects and then has to forward to the State with the annual report.

The purchaser will also be charged an additional $6 per deed for recording of the transfer in the records of the cemetery maintained by the City.

A fee of $25 per deed for recording of any transfer of any cemetery lot will be charged if the owner requests to trade lots within the cemetery.

Perpetual Care
Perpetual care for each lot will be 20% of the purchase price of each lot. (This amount is included in the purchase price.) This amount shall be held in a separate account to assure long-term maintenance care of the cemetery.