Marketing / Tourism Committee

The Marketing Committee is a standing committee of the Association. The Marketing Committee develops and recommends all policies pertaining to the marketing of the community and for the Association. The Committee shall:
  • Develop and assess a comprehensive marketing strategy for the recruitment of new business investment, especially emerging industries and innovation
  • Formulate a marketing schedule
  • Development of all marketing materials
  • Oversee the implementation of approved policies
  • Promote, develop and coordinate year-around tourism / visitation to the Red Oak area
  • Create an awareness and understanding of tourism’s effect on, and enhancement of, the local economy
  • Supplement the efforts of regional/state tourism office(s) and other such organizations to promote the Red Oak area
  • Work with local tourism organizations/groups to promote their message and mission
  • Develop a tourism strategy in conjunction with regional/state organizations that would make Red Oak a significant point of interest for tourists visiting the region
  • Provide support to festivals and special community events in the area
The Marketing Committee shall consist of an unlimited number of members of the Association; one member shall be a member of the Board. The Chair shall be appointed by the President of the Association.

Get Involved
Please contact the Association at 712-623-4821 if you are interested in serving on a committee.